February 16, 2024 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

What: We started a private advanced kids group class and it has been showing to be effective and enjoyable for the current group in it, and we have decided to open it up to adults as well. The current group consists of stronger kid players primarily aged 12-15 rated 1000-1300. We feel like adult players would enjoy it and benefit from it too.

– Specialized training and warm-up exercises. Focused and effective.
– Training goals stated to class 1st Friday each month. Training progress reported to class last Friday of each month. Training goals not rating/result goals.
– Unrated G/30 with notation vs classmates every class except last Friday of each month. Students expected to keep and take care of their scorebooks.
– Rated G/45+5 with notation vs classmates on last class of each month. Students are required to have and maintain US Chess ID# for enrollment.
– Instructor on hand as house player for G/30s, rated G/45+5s, and warm up exercises and focus studies. Current USCF standard rating 1792.

When: Fridays 4-6pm.

Class size: Maximum number of students is 12. Currently 6 (March 2023).

– Adults and kids.
– Current US Chess ID# required.
– Approval based on playing strength, work ethic, and conduct.
– Children with control issues not permitted regardless of rating. Room will be quiet and conducive to good concentration. Students must show effort and interest in growth to remain in the class. Sportsmanship and respect are non negotiable requirements. A healthy vibe of equality and support will be maintained and protected.

Cost: $65 per month. 1st class free to try.

Info: Please text Coach Paschal at 469-835-4551 if interested.